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Our Projects

Since inception in 2012, ActIns has undertaken several projects that have helped clients improve performance. Indian as well as multi-national companies have engaged ActIns for diverse projects related to STRATEGY in the field of Marketing, Sales and Service. 

We have strategized and executed several successful projects till date. Based on our experience, we wish to share a few observations as below:


    1) Strategy formulation and implementation that cuts across organization functions & hierarchy layers have
       been a major hallmark for ActIns, adding lot of value to client organizations.


    2) Business organizations at times become too outwardly focused, not realizing that true lasting
        improvement can happen only if we focus on improving what is “inside”. People are the core assets for
        any business and bringing out the best in them is leadership.


    3) A strong Sales & Marketing team can be a big competitive advantage to drive business growth. To
       make this happen, we need - clarity of thought, choosing the right direction and speed of action.

A few of our projects have been listed below:

  • Design & execution of transformation initiatives for business growth for a mid-tier engineering organization.

  • Strategic planning & implementation for growth in revenue and profitability for a leading capital equipment manufacturer.

  • Foster cross functional collaboration for a seamless customer experience by deploying a CRM

  • platform for a mid-tier manufacturing company.

  • Competition study and analysis for a German MNC in the machinery business.

  • Identify market potential for a product to assess manufacturing feasibility in India for a German MNC.

  • Marketing Plan for new product launch for a Swiss MNC.

  • Strategic initiatives to improve lead generation for a small engineering goods manufacturer.

  • Professionalize sales-marketing initiatives for a small industrial products manufacturer.

  • Marketing Strategies for a mid sized Automation company.

  • Marketing Planning and implementation for a company in Fluid Filtration  &   Separation industry.

  • Go to Market Strategy for a component manufacturer in energy efficiency & e-mobility space

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