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Strategy Consulting

Achieve Your Goals with Expert Guidance

1. Marketing


  • Marketing

  • Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Planning

  • Market Analysis – Segmentation, Competition Mapping and Strategies

  • Market entry strategies for geographies in India and abroad

  • Identify market potential for products in specific target markets

  • Price positioning for products and services

  • Evaluate market segments for business attractiveness on revenue & volume

  • Marketing Promotion

  • Sales

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys to capture VOC

  • Setting up a marketing organization



2. Sales

  • Setting up goals, periodic projections, gap analysis & corrective strategies

  • Strategic initiatives to improve Lead Generation and Lead Conversion

  • Key Account Management strategies

  • Setting up and implementation of robust Reporting and Review system

  • Strategies for effective Dealer Management

  • Customer Complaint Management and resolution SLAs

  • Strategies to reduce customer outstanding

  • Lost Business Analysis & correction strategies

  • Sales Audit

  • Sales compensation & incentive structure

  • Sales Organization, Restructuring & Succession Planning

  • Recruitment, induction, training & retention

  • individual roles and responsibilities through JD-KRA-KPI


3. Service


  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase uptime and resolution

  • Improve resource utilization

  • Grow revenue contribution


Consulting: Services
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